We spend loads of time caring for our face but forget our pretty feet. They remain the most neglected part. A monthly pedicure will keep them in beautiful state. But who has got the time for a regular parlour visit. Here are 3 very easy foot scrub recipes for you to try at home. 


  • Take 2 tbsp. Of Gram flour. Add 1tbsp. Of Rice flour to it. Add 2 tbsp. Of Yoghurt. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon and mix well. 
  • Wash your feet with warm water and apply this scrub. Scrub gently for 2 minutes. Leave it for 5 minutes abd rinse off. Follow with a moisturizer. Repeat twice a week.
  • While going out, apply a good sunscreen and cover your feet with socks. 


          • Take 1 tbsp. Of sea salt, add 1 tbsp. Of olive oil. Mix well. 
          • Wash feet with warm water. Use the scrub on the rough and cracked regions. Scrub for 1 minute gently and wash off
          •  Repeat this twice a week. 
          • Moisturize your feet and heels with warm coconut oil every night. 

              FOR TIRED FEET: 

              • Take 2 tbsp of sugar, add 1 tbsp. Of cucumber juice, 1 drop Of peppermint essential oil. Mix well.
              • Wash feet with warm water and apply this scrub. Massage for 2 minutes and wash off. 
              • Repeat whenever required. 

                  Take care of your lovely feet which make you stand proud and tall…