Hi New mommies,

Almost a year long wait has ended, and now you are holding your tiny little bundle of joy. It’s the best feeling ever to know that you have created this cute human whose angel you will be.

Each day after delivery gives something special. Each day promises to strengthen the bond between you and your fluff ball. Breastfeeding is one such amazing thing. It is a gift you can give to your baby to ensure they stay healthy and develop a strong immunity.

But the days following due to delivery can be stressful as your milk supply has not been established yet but your baby keeps demanding.

Initially colostrum, the rich thick liquid flows from your breasts, which you must at any cost feed your baby. It is a power packed snack which contains maximum essential vitamins and nutrients. Once colostrum has done the rounds, it is time for milk to flow in.

It takes the time to meet baby’s demand. It must take up to one week to 3 weeks. It is at this time, that baby gets dehydrated when the mother is unable to fill the newborn’s tummy. The doctor suggests a formula to avoid baby losing much weight. Breastmilk is the best when compared to formula feed. So in order to avoid giving your baby supplements, you can improve your milk supply by following these tips.


  • Garlic
  • Fenugreek
  • Oats
  • Fish
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Dry fish
  • Fennel
  • Cumin



  • Wash the nipple with water before every feed, as dried up milk from the previous feeding can invite microorganisms.
  • Wear a properly fitted bra. Do not wear the same bra again and again.
  • Avoid underwire bra as it can cause blocked ducts.
  • Avoid using strong soaps and perfumes as baby can’t tolerate the heavy scent.
  • Do not lie on your tummy, as there will be no room for your breasts to breathe.
  • Engage in light exercises to prevent sagging of breasts.



These are ayurvedic preparations from Kerala. They worked wonders for me. Do give it a try and let me know.

  • Stanyajanana rasayanam :

For improving quality and quantity of breastmilk.

Take 5 gm twice a day before or after meals

  • Jirakarishtham

To prevent gas, indigestion and constipation in both mother and baby.

Take 5 ml twice a day before or after meals.


  • Flat/inverted nipples

Make use of a nipple former to bring out the flat/inverted nipple. It exerts gentle pressure on the areola and pushes the nipple out. It can be worn as early as 7 months pregnant.  Significant results can be witnessed within a month.

You can buy it here:


  • Engorged breasts: If baby doesn’t empty the entire milk, you may get engorged breasts. Try to feed the baby as much as possible to get relief. Pump out extra milk to avoid mastitis.
  • Excessive milk leakage Use breast pads which can be worn inside the bra.

Hope this post was useful to new mums and mums to be. Kindly leave your queries and feedback.