Dreamy Birthday Party Ideas For Girls


My little angel Aradhana’s first birthday Is fast approaching. I can’t believe she is going to be one year old. It is always me, in the family, who sits down, months before any event to plan. It gives me pure joy, when all my efforts are put up for all to praise.

First birthdays have gained popularity over the years. Parties originated in the west initially. India Is a beautiful country which welcomes traditions and practices from all over the world. Recently, themed weddings and birthdays have been on the rise.

I am going to talk about few very but, famous,beautiful birthday theme ideas for your little Angel.


This theme can be found in 7 out of 10 birthday parties. Girls are fascinated by fairy tales since young so when they have a princess party, they seem to be in the seventh heaven.

Image source: Karas party ideas

Link: Princess birthday theme


For the love of Tutu and everything pink, ballerina stands tall and strong. Give your ballet loving girl, the best of the the best. Let the ballerina do the dancing!

Image source: The homespun hostess

Link: Ballerina birthday theme


If you want to be something, be a unicorn. Unique and full of magic. This one horned delight never fails to surprise us. Unicorn no longer remains a myth, when it is in your house, celebrating your daughter’s birthday.

Image source: Pretty my party

Link: Unicorn birthday theme


Would you like some tea and cookies? Inspired by routine role plays of a host and her tea party, that kids play. This theme is a winner for all kids and moms.

Image source: Catch my party

Link: Tea party birthday theme


A girl who doesn’t love hello kitty cannot exist. Just kidding, this has got to be the favorite for girls by default. The eyes the chubbiness of the kitty all resemble sweet girls.

Image source: Party city

Link: Hello kitty birthday theme


Shells, fishes, oysters, rocks, blue ocean and much more. Dive into the vast ocean to live among water loving creatures. Let the tide hit it right.

Image source: Karas party ideas

Link:Under the sea birthday theme


Got an animal lover out there? The one who jumps up and down all the way to the zoo? This purely wild safari themed party is for your Steve Irwin who would love to see animals everywhere..

Image source: Britt

Link:Animal safari birthday theme


Are these lovely heart melting creatures true or made up? Who cares, as long as they give your little girl joy. With Ariel being the queen of mermaids, your party is sure to rock the waves.

Image source: For creative juice

Link:Mermaid birthday theme


Who doesn’t love desserts? When you get to relish a party full of cupcakes, who would want to miss the creamy frostiness? There will be cupcakes everywhere for the hidden sweet tooth.

Image source: Bubble and sweet

Link:Cupcake birthday theme


This Lewis Carol’s masterpiece is an eye candy. It can be celebrated as a tea party. A pure adventure is awaited. The decor is too rich to be true..

Link: Alice in wonderland birthday theme

Hope you all enjoyed reading this article. Have a great party 💗