Every new Mom’s Nightmare: DIASTASIS RECTI

Hi mommies, 

Your little bundle of joy is finally with you. It is never too late to start wanting to fit into your skinny jeans or crop tops. But before you proceed into hardcore intense boot camp sessions, you must take some time to read this article.

I am going to discuss about an unknown but very common problem that is found is 7 out of 10 postpartum cases. Read to know what you can do, if you have diastasis recti.

What is Diastasis Recti? 

You might have diastasis recti, if you look 4 months pregnant even after a year after your delivery. Diastasis recti is the gap created due to the separation of rectus andominis, the muscles that form the core of your stomach muscles.

During pregnancy, as the uterus travels up it’s path, it tries to make way through the stiff abdominal muscles. When the baby is out, the muscles do not immediately come back to their position thus leaving a hollow gap.

How to check if you have Diastasis recti? 

  • Lie on your back with knees bent.

  • Place palm down over belly, fingers should point to toes.

  • Press the finger gently on navel, lift your head and try to point chin to chest.

  • If you feel a gap of two inches, your case is mild.

  • If you feel a gap of 4 inches or more the case is severe.

How to treat Diastasis recti? 

  • With proper exercise and necessary precautions, you can close this gap even years after your delivery.

  • There are specific exercises to treat diastasis, which do not put pressure on the core.

Follow these links for specific workouts:

Diastasis workout 1

Diastasis workout 2

Diastasis workout 3

  • Do not do traditional crunches, as they worsen the ab gap by exerting an enormous amount of pressure on the core.

  • Wearing an abdominal support belt 6 months after delivery can give miraculous reduction in the gap between abs.

Buy it here:

Wear it throughout the day. Remove while eating and sleeping. Exercising with this belt can tone your core muscles faster and heal the ab gap.

Personal experience: Upon wearing this abdominal support belt, I could lose 5 inches in waist region. The ab gap is hardly visible now.

If you have any query, please feel free to ask in comment section.