Hello wonderful people,

Everyone is blessed with a different skin tone and type. Each person being unique, needs a unique treatment according to their skin type. Getting to know your skin type is a very easy task. This will help you avoid products and masks not suitable for your skin, thereby preventing damage to your skin.

Usage of right products, that are meant for your skin type can be very beneficial as they are specially designed to cater the needs of your skin.

There are 4 basic skin types known to us. Read on to find what your skin type is:


This is the dream skin of all girls. Yes, you read that right. It is a blessed skin type, which doesn’t have pimples, Blackheads, whiteheads, pigmentation. It is smooth and supple. People look younger if they possess normal skin tone, as there are no flaws. This skin type requires minimal care and one need not invest in expensive skin care products.

Recommended face mask: Papaya puree to be applied to maintain the elasticity.


Dry skin relates to dryness and flakes on skin. The skin doesn’t look appealing as there is no glow associated with it. The oil glands do not produce enough oil to moisturize the skin. The skin can sometimes look powdery white. Winters can further deteriorate this skin. Proper moisturization can control the dryness to some extent. They are advised to be hydrated by consuming as much water as possible.

Recommended face mask: Mix banana puree with full fat cream and apply as a mask on alternate days.

OILY SKIN: This is the most worrying skin type. It comes with loads of complications. One must take a lot of care to prevent further skin damage. Oily skin relates to greasy and shining skin. There are large visible pores, which can get filled with whiteheads and blackheads if not treated. Pimples come and go frequently and leave acne spots behind. A toner is recommended as a part of daily cleansing regime to keep the skin healthy.

Recommended face mask: Mix Multani Mitti and water. Make a paste and apply. Repeat thrice a week.

COMBINATION SKIN: This skin type relates to oily skin on the T- zone, that is, the forehead and nose. Whereas the cheek areas remain dry. This skin type requires the use of two different treatments as both oily and dry skin are both found here.

Recommended face masks: Activated charcoal face mask for the T-zone and Honey with milk for the dry cheek areas. Repeat twice a week.

Hope this article was helpful to you. Please write to me,if you have any further queries.