Hi girls,

I am always on the search for a perfect conditioner to tame my extra dry tresses. I do not like using chemical conditioners as they leave back bad chemical residue. Finding an herbal conditioner which does the job of a chemical conditioner is a very difficult task. Khadi is an herbal brand which has gained my trust over the past couple of years. Read to know if Khadi herbal orange & lemongrass conditioner is worth buying?

Product Description:

 Khadi orange and lemongrass herbal conditioner is a wonderful moisturizer that revitalizes and strengthens damaged hair.


Massage an appropriate quantity onto wet hair. Leave for two minutes and rinse well with water.

Ingredients: Orange oil, Bergamot oil, Lemongrass oil, Aloe vera, Brahmi, Glycerine, Lemon, Conditioner base.

Price: Rs. 198 for 210 ml.

My View On Khadi Orange And Lemongrass Herbal Conditioner:

Khadi Orange And Lemongrass Herbal Conditioner comes in a transparent bottle with a black flip top cap. It is leak proof and travel-friendly. It contains essential oils belonging to the citrus fruit class that enrich hair and moisturize it from within.

The conditioner is off white in color. It is very thick in texture. A very small amount is sufficient to cover medium length hair. I did not personally like the smell. The smell of orange is extreme. Sensitive noses may not like it. After rinsing off the conditioner hair feels super soft.


I use homemade hair wash powder to wash my hair. If I find my hair dry sometimes, I use this conditioner. The best part of using this product is that apart from making my hair soft, it adds shine and gloss. I do not use a serum when using this conditioner. It makes hair super moisturized.  It is totally recommended for dry and dull hair. People with oily hair may want to skip this product.

The bounce added by this conditioner stays for 2 days. However, the fragrance fades away in just 1 day. It is affordable and easily available online. It is much better than other chemical based conditioners.

PROS Of Khadi Orange And Lemongrass Herbal Conditioner:

  • Conditions hair wonderfully.
  • Adds a shine to hair.
  • Excellent for dry hair.
  • Makes hair soft and tangle free.
  • Herbal.
  • Affordable.
  • Little quantity is needed.


CONS Of Khadi Orange And Lemongrass Herbal Conditioner:

  • Slightly disturbing smell.
  • Not suitable for people with oily hair.


BUY IT HERE: Khadi Herbal Orange Lemongrass Hair Conditioner SLS and Paraben Free, 210ml


Will I Recommend?

Yes, I will recommend this conditioner to people having extremely dry and dull hair.